Singing at the Vatican

The Choir has been invited to sing at the Chapter Mass of the Papal Basilica at St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican on Sunday 20th July, a great honour for us. So with much excitement and a little trepidation we are rehearsing our pieces and polishing our technique for the big event.  If you have friends in Rome let them know so that they can come along and wave the flag for Ireland.

St Muredachs Cathedral Ballina Mayo Ireland  st peters 01

Chapter Mass
of the
Papal Basilica




Sunday July 20th 2014

27th July 2014

Now we are back in Ballina to take stock of a truly amazing, uplifting and inspirational experience. It is quite hard to take in that we had the opportunity to sing in the historic centrepiece of Christianity before an enormous congregation. It is humbling and at the same time exhilarating to think that from a small town in the West of Ireland we were able to achieve such a goal.
Our thanks go out to the many people who helped to make the occasion such a success, to our Bishop John Fleming for his support and hands-on involvement while we were in Rome, a finer guide could not exist. To Regina for her belief in us and her determination to get us to the Vatican, for her patience, encouragement and sheer hard slog to get us to up our game to a new level. To Michael for all his enthusiasm and organisational efforts and for the true grit that got him through the stressful experience. And to all the others, choir members and supporters who’s combined efforts came together to such a magnificent outcome. Thank you all.

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